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Our company is a full service private investigation agency providing confidential investigations to attorneys, law firms, businesses, corporations, insurance companies, organizations and private individuals throughout the state of Oklahoma.

The company is owned and operate by Oklahoma State licensed private investigator Royce King, who has over 32 years of investigative experience in prior law enforcement and in the current private investigative industry.

We offer a wide range of private investigations and related services to our clients. All investigations are conducted by highly trained, experienced private investigators to ensure your case is handled by competent professionals. We specialize in Criminal and Civil Investigations, Workers Compensation Investigations, Background Investigations, Asset Investigations and Process Service.

All client cases are sensitive to us and handled with integrity and discreet confidentiality.

When you need the services of an experienced, licensed private investigator anywhere throughout the State of Oklahoma, contact the experts at Cheaters Investigator Oklahoma for your investigative needs and a FREE consultation.

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Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Investigations

  • Wouldn't You Rather Know?
  • Get Video Evidence
  • Cheating Spouses and Partners
  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Girlfriend
  • Boyfriend
  • Electronic Vehicle Tracking Available in Certain Situations
  • Polygraphs & Lie Detection Services

  • Infidelity Issues
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Civil Litigation
  • Financial Loss
  • Civil Litigation Support

  • Discrimination
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Slip and Fall
  • Dog Bites
  • Other Personal Injuries
  • Criminal Investigations

  • Burglary (Residential - Commercial - Auto)
  • Theft
  • Assault / Battery
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • Robbery
  • Assault with Deadly Weapon
  • Attempt Murder
  • Vandalism / Malicious Mischief
  • Hate Crimes
  • Stalking
  • Violation of Court Order
  • Criminal Defense Investigations

  • Ensure All Relevant Facts are Known
  • Misdemeanors / Felonies
  • Ensure All Witnesses are Identified and Contacted
  • Identify Any Mitigating Circumstances
  • Police Reports Reviewed for Any Procedural Discrepancies
  • Crime Scene Documentation
  • Missing People Locates

  • Runaways / Missing Persons
  • Are You Satisfied With the Level of Police Interest Your Situation is Receiving?
  • We Find Relatives / Loved Ones / Friends and Family Members
  • Skip Tracing & Debtor Locates
  • Missing Pets Locates

  • Certified Trailing Bloodhounds Available
  • Missing/Lost/Stolen
  • Pet Search & Rescue
  • Pet Theft Investigations
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Other Animals
  • Workplace & Employment Related Issues

  • Get to the Bottom of Concerns Within Your Organization
  • Undercover Operations Available
  • Identify and Gather Valuable Evidence
  • Employee Theft / Embezzlement
  • Company Policy Violations
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Misuse of Company Time and/or Equipment
  • Fraudulent Workers Compensation Claims
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Violation of Covenant not to Compete
  • Hostile Work Environment
  • Business Partner Concerns
  • Illegal Drug Use
  • Sexual Harassment
  •  Surveillance

  • Activity Checks
  • Workers Comp
  • Domestic Issues
  • Aerial Surveillance Available
  • Debugging and Eavesdropping Detection

  • The Detection of Hidden Listening and Video Devices
  • Home, Office and Vehicle
  • Eavesdropping Detection
  • Electronic Bug Sweeping
  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Computer Forensics

  • Hard Drive Imaging
  • Chain of Custody
  • Hard Drive and Media Analysis
  • Digital Evidence Recovery
  • Process Service

  • Service of Subpoenas and Other Court Documents
  • Skip Tracing to Locate Parties Who May Be Avoiding Service
  • Wireless Phone Physical Location Service (Pinging Cell Phones)

  • Get Real-Time GPS Location of Mobile Phones
  • Service Widely Used by Law Enforcement, Bail Bondsmen, Repossession Agents, Collection Agents, etc.
  • Greatly Reduce Searching Expenses

  • Capable to Locate Endangered Missing Persons or Criminal Fugitives
  • Assist Family Members Locating Missing or Runaway Children
  • Rental House and Property Scams

  • Avoid Being Victimized by Rental Scam Artists
  • Extensive Background Investigation on Property Ownership and Potential Landlords
  • Verification of Documents Before Financial Decisions

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